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Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies of Sumy State University is:

• State-of-the-art engineering education and guaranteed job placement;
• Advanced learning of foreign languages;
• Scientific and educational probations, culture exchange in the Europe and the USA;
• Education at Military Department
• Up-to-date lecture rooms with multimedia equipment and devices
• Powerful educational, scientific and research laboratories and centers such as: Energy Efficient Technologies, Applied Ecological Investigations, Processes and Equipment of Bioenergetics, Educational Center of DELCAM, Experimental Scientific and Research Student Institute
• Computer Integrated Technologies of application state-of-the-art CAD/CAM/CAE/CAPP systems in computer modeling and design of engineering equipment and tooling
• Global acknowledgement in computer modeling of equipment and tooling

Dean of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Techologies,
Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Hydro- and Aeromechanics
Oleksandr G. Gusak

Vice Dean,
Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of General Mechanics and Dynamics of Machines
Eugen M. Savchenko

Vice Dean for Educational and Methodological Work,
Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Hydro- and Aeromechanics
Eduard V. Kolisnichenko

Vice Dean for Research,
Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Machines and Tools
Vitalii H. Evtuhov

Vice Dean for International Relations,
Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Machines and Tools
Vitalii O. Ivanov

Vice Dean for IT and Media Technologies,
Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Processes and Equipment of Chemical and Petroleum-Refineries
Oleksandr O. Lyaposhenko

Vice Dean for Educational Work,
Junior Research Assistant of the Department of Applied Hydro- and Aeromechanics
Vitalii O. Panchenko

Vice Dean for Part-time and Distance Learning,
Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Processes and Equipment of Chemical and Petroleum-Refineries
Yakov E. Mikhajlovskiy

Vice Dean for Campus Work,
Head of the Computer Center
Volodymyr V. Dubinskyi

Vice Dean for Physical Training
Specialist of 2nd category of the Department of Physical Training
Maksym O. Kunpan

Resposible Secretary for work with university entrants,
Engineer of 2nd category of the Department of Technical Thermal Physics
Yurii S. Merzlyakov


1. Applied Hydro- and Aeromechanics
2. General Mechanics and Machine Dynamics
3. Manufacturing Engineering, Machines and Tools
4. Processes and Equipment of Chemical and Petroleum-Refineries
5. Applied Ecology
6. Strength of Materials and Science of Machines
7. Applied Material Science and Technology of Constructional Materials
8. Technical Thermal Physics
9. General Chemistry

Total Number of Students – 974


1. Manufacturing Engineering
2. Metal-cutting Machines and Systems
3. Tool Production
4. Hydraulic Machines, Hydraulic Drives and Hydro-Pneumatic Automatics
5. Equipment of Chemical Manufacturing and Enterprises of Building Materials
6. Refrigerating Machines and Plants
7. Compressors, Pneumatic Units and Vacuum Engineering
8. Ecology and Environmental Protection
9. Energy Management
10. Computer Mechanics
11. Applied Material Science
12. Quality, Standardization and Certification

Training Areas – Bachelor, Master

Famous Scholars

Research Centres and Laboratories
1. Laboratory of Energy Efficient Technologies
2. Laboratory of Granulation and Mass Transfer Equipment
3. Scientific Centre of Applied Environmental Researches
4. DELCAM Educational Center
5. Experimental Scientific and Research Student Institute
6. Science-educational Centre "All'Chemistry"
7. Research Laboratory of Applied Materials

Research Areas

• Theoretical bases of machining processes optimization by an edge cutting tool.
• Effective equipment for closure of pumps high speed shafts of general industrial and special purpose in various fields: end gland seals, locking impact seals.
• Development of effective methods and ways of diagnostics of a technical condition and forecasting of a rotary machines resource.
• New designs of centrifugal hydromachines – shaftless pumps
• Ways of reduction of mass-overall characteristics of hydrodynamic pumps.
• Research and design of hydrodynamic pumps and drives of new generation (including those for pumping gas-liquid and other hydromixtures).
• Research and design of gas turbines of whirlwind and current-reactive type for energy-saving technologies.
• Heat pumps and plants: research, design, thermo-economic calculations of energy saving.
• Research, development and design of liquid circular vacuum pumps, compressors and multistage plants.
• Development of coherent steam-turbine energy plant with thermocompressor block for small resource-saving power engineering.
• Development of highly effective mass-cleansing equipment and progressive technologies for chemical productions and preservation of the environment.
• Development of equipment for granulation of nitrogen and complex mineral fertilizers on their basis.
• Theoretical basis, development and research of heat- and mass-exchange processes of chemical and oil-processing productions and equipment for receipt of granulated fertilizers.

Scientific Products

Rotating Vibro-Granulator for Nitrogen Fertilizers Fusion
Vortex Granulator for Production of Porous Ammonium Nitrate Granules
Granulation of Nuclear Fuel
Inertial Filter-Type Separators
Dispersion Device for Liquids
Melting Filter for Nitrogen and Complex Fertilizers
Vortex Spray Counter-Current Flow Mass Exchange Devices
Multifunctional Heat-Generating Aggregate
Rotor-dynamic Unit for Homogenization
Submersible Borehole Pump Aggregate
Expansion Turbine
Inkjet Thermal Transformer for Heating and Refrigerating Systems
Technology of Holes Processing for Composite Materials
• Seals
• Pumping Centrifugal Aggregate
• Fodder Preparation Equipment
• Modular Combined Fire Pumping Unit
• Equipment for Hydro-Grinding Process Implementation

International Collaboration

1. University of Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany)
2. City University London (London, Great Britain)
3. Kielce University of Technology (Kielce, Poland)
4. Silesian University of Technology (Gliwice, Poland)
5. V.A. Belyi Metal Polymer Research Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (Gomel, Belarus)
6. St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
7. M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University (Shymkent, Kazakhstan)
8. South West State University (Kursk, Russia)
9. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester, MA, USA)
10. Texas A&M University (College Station, TX, USA)
11. Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden)
12. Polytechnic University of Turin (Turin, Italy)
13. Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)
14. Akaki Tsereteli State University (Kutaisi, Georgia)
15. Georgian Technical University (Tbilisi, Georgia)
16. Shota Rustaveli State University (Batumi, Georgia)
17. Bukhara Engineering-Technical Institute of High Technologies (Bukhara, Uzbekistan)
18. Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute (Jizzakh, Uzbekistan)
19. Tashkent Automotive Road Institute (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
20. DELCAM, Plc. (Birmingham, Great Britain)
21. Norsk Energi (Oslo, Norway)

Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies offers

1. Summer language trainings in the USA, Turkey
2. Short-term training courses within summer and spring schools
3. Short-term research internships within collaboration with foreign higher educational institutions and production enterprises
4. Education opportunities within Erasmus Mundus program, Fulbright, DAAD, British Council, Jean Monnet, Coimbra Group, etc.
5. Long-term research internships in TOP-1000 universities of the world within government program funded by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
6. Faculty training courses within TEMPUS program funded by European Union

Faculty Members Awarded with Fellowships for Research

• Fellowship for Research Internship in TOP Universities of the World
2013: Andriy Skoryk, Oleg Scherbakov, Mykola Kalinkevych, Igor Kaplun
2012: Vitalii Ivanov, Andriy Zagorulko, Igor Kaplun
2011: Vitalii Ivanov, Dmytro Kryvoruchko, Andriy Zagorulko, Andriy Skoryk, Oleg Scherbakov, Olha Zaloha

• Scholarship of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
since 2014: Vitalii O.Ivanov
2013–2015: Stanislav S. Meleychuk
2012–2014: Artem E. Artyukhov
2011–2013: Vitalii O. Ivanov, Oleksandr O. Lyaposhenko,
2010–2012: Dmytro V. Kryvoruchko,
2009–2011: Andriy A. Papchenko

• Grant of President of Ukraine
2011: Dmytro V. Kryvoruchko
2009: Stanislav S. Meleychuk
2008: Yulia Ya. Tarasevich

• Scholarship of President of Ukraine
2014-2015: Olga V. Nastenko
2012–2013: Andriy V. Skoryk

• Grant of the Parliament of Ukraine
2012: Dmytro V. Kryvoruchko

• Scholarship of President of Ukraine for Students
2013-2014: Andriy Demchenko

International Projects
Modernizing Higher Engineering Education in Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to Meet the Technology Challenge (530244-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-SE-TEMPUS-JPCR)

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