In 26 September 1945, Sumy Agricultural Building Technical School was founded in Konotop. Its acting Director was Y.M.Ponomarenko (till 1947).

From 1947 till 1976, the educational institution was headed by M.O. Driapak.

In 1949 and 1950, the first young specialists graduated from the Technical School. Technicians and builders were the former, as well as technicians and technologists were the latter.By the decree of the State Committee of Professional and Technical Education of 28 April 1971, Konotop Industrial Technical School was renamed into Konotop Industrial and Pedagogical Technical School.

The main task of the institutions is to train industrial training foremen of new specialties:

• "Industrial and Civil Engineering"
• "Electrical Equipment of Industrial Enterprises and Installations"
• "Mechanization of Agriculture"

In 1976-1978, the Technical School was headed by O.M. Rudakov. Students from Mongolia, Cuba, Algiers, and Vietnam have been studying at the Technical School during that period.

In 1979-1996, V. F. Kalinichenko was the Head of the Technical School.

In 1996-2014, M. A. Benderskyi was the Director of the Technical School.

State rebuilding, educational reforming required diligent and the hard work in order to confirm and develop the educational institution. Director of the Technical School M.A. Benderskyi and the Deputy Director L.H. Bilyk turned the teaching staff activity by taking into consideration the educational system rebuilding demands. As a result the speciality "Professional Education" was enlarged and such specialities were licensed:
• Welding (1997)
• Mechanization of Agriculture (2000)
• Buildings and Constructions Building and Maintenance (2000)

The new specialities were opened:

• Enterprise Economics (1999)
• Finances (2000)
• Programming (2005)
• Social Work (2006)
• Tuition by correspondence - Mechanization of Agriculture (1999)

According to the Ministry of Science and Education decree № 30 of 19.01.2004 on 2 February 2004 Industrial and Pedagogical Technical School was reorganized into Industrial and Pedagogical Technical School by joining the Konotop Institute of Sumy State University.

The Head of the Technical School is Roman I. Kazymirchuk (since 2014).

The total number of students is 642.

Administration of the Technical School:

Director: Roman I. Kazymirchuk;
Educational Work Deputy Director: Olha O. Kravchenko;
Upbringing Work Deputy Director: Alla O. Moroz;
Technical School Keeping Work Deputy Director: Mykola O. Kravchenko

Organization Structure:

• Professional Education
• Technical Disciplines
• Social and Economic Disciplines

Disciplines Boards Teaching Staff :
• Philological Disciplines Board Teaching Staff
• Psychological and Pedagogical Disciplines Board Teaching Staff
• Agricultural Machinery and Transport Disciplines Board Teaching Staff
• Electrical Disciplines Board Teaching Staff
• Building Disciplines Board Teaching Staff
• Computer Disciplines Board Teaching Staff
• Humanities and Social-Economic Disciplines Board Teaching Staff
• Natural Sciences Board Teaching Staff
• Economic and Financial Disciplines Board Teaching Staff
• Social Disciplines Board Teaching Staff
• Physics and Mathematics Disciplines and Informatics Board Teaching Staff

• Computer Sciences
• Tractors and Automobiles
• Physics and Electrical Engineering
• Materials Testing
• Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Maintenance

• Welding;
• Transport;
• Software Development;
• Social Work;
• Finance and Credit;
• Enterprise Economics;
• Electrical Engineering;
• Computer Technology;
• Buildings and Constructions Building and Maintenance;
• Building;
• Automobiles and Engines Service and Repairing;
• Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Maintenance and Repairing.

Educational Qualification Level: Junior Specialist

In 1995, the Technical School was awarded the honorary diploma of Education Ministry for achievements in training the specialists.
In 2003, it was rewarded for the important contribution to Ukrainian science and educational image development with the Ukrainian "Science and Education Flagship" diploma.

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