At present Machine Building College is an educational institution of the 1st accreditation level that trains Junior Specialists, as well as prepares its students for Bachelor qualification degree. The studying is available at the full-time and part-time modes.

Full-Time Departments:

5.05050302 — "Technology of Material Processing on the Machines and Automatic Lines with Numerical Control;"
5.05050311 — "Chemical and Oil Engineering;"
5.05040201 — "Foundry Production of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals and Alloys;"
5.03050401 — "Economics of Enterprise;"
5.05010101 — "Software Systems and Network Maintenance;"
5.03030301 — "Publishing and Editing;"
5.05150101 — "Printing Industry."

Teaching Staff

Successful educational process of the College is guaranteed by the high professional level of its teachers: 61 teachers, 10 lecturers, 2 Professors, and the leading specialists of local enterprises, which are provided by Sumy State University.

Qualifications of teachers are divided into such categories:
• Teachers of the highest qualification category — 36 (59%);
• Teachers of the first qualification category — 10 (16%);
• Teachers of the second qualification category — 5 (9%);
• Teachers-specialists — 10 (16%).

All teachers have the appropriate education. They have got an opportunity to improve their skills at the teachers' training department of Sumy State University, as well as at the Regional Institute of Postgraduate Studies.

Teachers' awards and achievements:
• 1 person - "Honored Specialist in Education of Ukraine;"
• 1 person – "Honored Specialist of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine;"
• 7 teachers and methodologists;
• 6 senior teachers;
• 11 awarded the "Superior Specialist in Education of Ukraine."


Machine Building College meets the requirements of high quality training in mechanical engineering, metallurgical, economic, computers, publishing and printing industry. The College is proud of its computer center, as well as computerized library system.

Students of the engineering and economic specialties have their practical training in such city enterprises as PJSC "Sumy Frunze NPO," Concern "Ukrrosmetall," JSC "NASOSENERGOMASH Sumy," and other city and local enterprises of different forms of ownership.

Computer specialty students have practice in the computer center of the college and city enterprises. The students of editing and printing specialties have their practical training in the local newspapers and publishing city press centers, printing and publishing-houses, «Technology» enterprise.

During its lifetime the Machine building college has trained thousands of professionals who have made a great contribution to the development of mechanical engineering of the city enterprises. The graduates of college hold leading posts as the chief engineers and technologists. The graduates of the Machine building college have become skilled workers, prominent public personalities, scientists, outstanding sportsmen.

Achievements & Awards of Machine Building College:

• Diploma of Honour of Presidium Supreme Council of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from November 24, 1967;
• Diploma of Honour of Chemical and Oil Machine Building Ministry and of Heavy Machine Building Central Trade Union Committee workers of the USSR from 1977;
• Diploma of Honour of the Chairman of Sumy region state administration from November 29, 2002;
• Diploma of the Town Mayor from November 29, 2007.

Since 2000, Machine Building College of SSU became the main institution among 23 educational establishments of Sumy region of the I-II accreditation level, and 10 of 14 teaching methods societies are headed by the teachers of Machine building College.

The History of College

In September 1917, a vocational school for training machine builders for Sumy, Lebedyn and Okhtyrka districts (Kharkiv province) on the initiative of former Belgian joint stock company was organized. In 1923, it was reorganized into industrial vocational school.

In 1928, the vocational school became industrial technical school, which in 1930 was renamed into Machine Building Technical School.

Since 1952 till 1972 the Technical School was headed by Petro K. Dashchenko. In 1960, due to his efforts a hostel for 420 students was built, and in August 1966, a new education building was constructed. Within all these years such specialities as "Technology of Welding Production" and "Planning on Machine Building Enterprises" were opened.

In 1972-1985, Pavlo M. Salenko obtained the post of the Director of the Technical School. Under his guidance the Technical School hold a leading place among educational establishments of the USSR Ministry for Chemical and Oil Industry.

From 1985 till 1988, Mykola V. Skachedub was in charge of the teaching staff. A new speciality "Exploitation of Industrial Robots" was opened, which has been existing till 1992. In 1988-1998, the Director of the Technical School was Yuryi D. Mychailik. In this period Sumy Machine Building Technical School was reorganized into Sumy Machine Building College. A fertile cooperation with Sumy State University has begun. The College became a constituent part of a single scientific complex. The integrated curricula for engineering specialities have been developed. In 1999, the college entered organically into the structure of Sumy State University as a structural unit and has got the new prospects for its further development.

Since 1998, the educational establishment has been headed by Mykola M. Antykov. The great attention was paid to reorganization of material base, computerization of educational process, development of new forms and methods of work in methodical and education activity. Such specialities as "Economics of Enterprise," "Exploitation of Processing System Information and Making Decisions," "Publishing and Editing," "Printing Industry" were opened in the full-time mode, as well as the correspondent courses were opened.

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