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Public Information Unit of the International Affairs Office provides the global audience with information about international activities of Sumy State University and its faculties. Our work is forecast on the efficient use of promotion means and advertising mediums (illustrated catalogues, brochures, banners, presentations, posters, advertising images, and video clips). Public Information Unit provides information to the local and regional mass media, as well as to the web resources of SSU's international partners.

Public Information Unit of the IAO takes active part in:

grup 1 Organizational and technical maintenance, design and constant updating of the information for the international University web-site
Coordination of actual information about the international activity of SSU and its faculties PIU 2
PIU 3 University's participation in the thematic international meetings, conferences, competitions and contests
Creation, edition, and design of the universitywide presentation products for the international audience, and for the international activity PIU 4
PIU 5 Paid translation of all the documents (certificates, references, documents on education and qualification, and etc.) necessary for the international engagements and trips

Production of Public Information Unit


Head of Public Information Unit
Oksana O. Kaliuzhna
Coordinator of Public Information Unit
Anastasia O. Tarasowa
Content manager of Russian web-projects
Iryna F. Artyushenko

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Library-Information Center, Office 410
Tel./Fax: +38(0542) 68-79-08;
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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