According to the "Order of Organization of Admission and Studying (Internship) of Foreigners and Persons without Citizenship" of the Ministry of Education and Science № 1541 of 01.11.2013, in order to be enrolled to Sumy State University a foreigner should submit such documents

1. Application form;
2. Original and copy of documents about the previous education;
3. Original and copy of the document (appendix to educational qualifications) which provides the information about candidate's progress in academic subjects;
4. Copy of the birth certificate;
5. Medical certificate on health condition, affirmed by an official health authority of the country from which the foreign citizen came and issued within two months before entry Ukraine for study;
6. Copy of the foreigner's passport or the document, which proves stateless person's identity;
7. Insurance policy to provide emergency medical care (but such as those coming from countries with which Ukraine signed agreements on free provision of emergency medical care);
8. 6 photos size 60x40 mm;
9. Copy of the certificate of foreign Ukrainian (if available).

Additionally, foreigners should submit a report in a chosen scientific specialty or officially attested at the candidate's employment/studying place list of published scientific works or inventions.

In order to be enrolled to doctoral studies such documents are submitted in addition:

1. Plan of subject of PhD thesis for obtaining Doctor's degree;
2. Copy of the diploma about the conferring of the appropriate scientific degree.

Documents previously mentioned in the paragraphs 2 – 4 should be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.
Documents should be certified in the countries of their disclosure in that way, which is officially used in this country for such affirmation and legalized by the according foreign diplomatic establishment of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by the international agreements of Ukraine.
Documents about the education of the enrolled to the study foreign citizens, issued by the educational establishments of other countries, are undergoing the procedure of recognition according to the Ukrainian legislation (nostrification).

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