The main tasks and responsibilities of the Bureau of Education Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance in Higher Education comprise:

- monitoring of the quality of education at the University in the following aspects:

  • organization and conduct of surveys of students, postgraduates, listeners of the training and skills upgrading programmes, teachers in respect to the quality of the educational process; graduates of the University and employers in respect to the quality of academic programmes and readiness of graduates for professional activities; analyses of the results;
  • organizational and methodological assistance to the student self- government in surveying and organization of conferences “Educational Process from Students’ Point of View” and other events on organization of the educational process;
  • an analysis of the quality of classes (attendance of classes etc.);

- monitoring of the quality assurance in higher education in the following aspects:

  • annual evaluation of the students’ performance (organization and conduct of administrative (rector’s) controls of the students’ academic performance);
  • an analysis of the academic performance and achievements of students (results of the attestation and exam sessions, etc.)

- coordination of the work of the University’s departments in the domain of the quality of education;

- prompt responses (preparation of the drafts of orders and other documents on education quality assurance) to the detected violations of the standards for quality assurance in the educational process at the University;

- analysis and summarizing of the state of education and higher education quality at the University, preparation of the proposals to the Scientific Council, the rector and relevant consultative bodies on how to improve this activity according to the latest teaching and learning techniques, preparation of the corresponding recommendations and other regulatory documents.

The administration of the Bureau:

Head of the Bureau – Olga V. Liuta

Deputy head of the Bureau – Olena I. Rybina

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