Faculty for Teachers Training

Our mission is a purposeful improvement of professional knowledge and skills by the implementation of world best practices, scientific achievements, and innovative technologies in education.

About us:

The Faculty of Teachers Training provides training programmes in:

  • innovative educational activities;
  • electronic and distance learning;
  • active learning and teaching methods.

Main activities


  • advanced research methods in education;
  • lifelong learning, informal education;
  • open source and social software in education.

Teachers training programmes:

Teachers training programme on innovative educational activities:

  • Psychological aspects of innovative educational activities;
  • The methodology of professional training;
  • Management of education quality;
  • Information technology of training;
  • New achievements in science and practice.

The purpose of the training programme is to enhance innovation in teaching.
Total hours – 150 (contact hours – 62).

Teachers training programme on electronic and distance learning:

  • Modern information technology in education;
  • Open educational resources on the Internet;
  • Distance learning: organizational and software solutions for teaching;
  • Design of electronic training means;
  • The software environment for e-learning;
  • Marketing of knowledge in the information society.

The purpose of the training programme is to improve professional skills using informational technologies (electronic training means and distance learning technology) in teaching.
Total hours – 150 (contact hours – 64).

Teachers training programme on active learning and teaching methods:

  • Modern world trends in education: active teaching methods;
  • Adult education. Lifelong learning education;
  • Blended learning;
  • Project approach in the educational process;
  • Gamification in education;
  • Team-building for learning environment;
  • Media technologies and mobile devices in the educational process.

The purpose of the training programme is to study best practices and to use active learning methods in teaching.
Total hours – 150 (contact hours – 64).

The purposes of training are the following:

  • study of the best (world-leading) teaching experience;
  • familiarity with the latest achievements in science and technologies; introduction to the prospects of their development;
  • improving teachers’ professional skills using innovative technologies in teaching and learning.

Training directions:

  • Computer sciences;
  • Modeling of complex systems;
  • Applied and computational mathematics;
  • Research in the technical industry, including power efficiency and renewable energy sources;
  • Nano- and electronic physics;
  • Energy-efficient technology;
  • Manufacturing engineering, machines, and tools;
  • Processes and equipment of chemical and petroleum-refineries;
  • The technology of constructional materials;
  • General chemistry;
  • Environmental economics;
  • Marketing;
  • Management;
  • Economic theory;
  • Finance;
  • Gender aspects;
  • Theory and practice of translation;
  • Political science, sociology, and psychology;
  • Medicine etc.

Terms of training:

  • 2 weeks (60 hours)
  • 1 month (150 hours)
  • 6 months (210 hours)

Contact Information:

Sumy State University
Faculty for Teachers Training
2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st.,
Main Building, Room 903
40007 Sumy, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (0542) 68-77-17; +38 (0542) 68-77-18
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