Faculty for Teachers Training

Our mission is a purposeful improvement of professional knowledge and skills by implementation of world best practices, scientific achievements and innovative technologies in education.

About us:

The Faculty of Teachers Training provides training programmes in:

  • innovative educational activities;
  • electronic and distance learning;
  • active learning and teaching methods.

Main activities


  • advanced research methods in education;
  • lifelong learning, informal education;
  • open source and social software in education.

Teachers training programmes:

Teachers training programme on innovative educational activities:

  • Psychological aspects of innovative educational activities;
  • Methodology of professional training;
  • Management of education quality;
  • Information technology of training;
  • New achievements in science and practice.

The purpose of training programme is enhancing innovation in teaching.
Total hours – 150 (contact hours – 62).

Teachers training programme on electronic and distance learning:

  • Modern information technology in education;
  • Open educational resources in the Internet;
  • Distance learning: organizational and software solutions for teaching;
  • Design of electronic training means;
  • Software environment for e-learning;
  • Marketing of knowledge in the information society.

The purpose of training programme is improving professional skills using informational technologies (electronic training means and distance learning technology) in teaching.
Total hours – 150 (contact hours – 64).

Teachers training programme on active learning and teaching methods:

  • Modern world trends in education: active teaching methods;
  • Adult education. Lifelong learning education;
  • Blended learning;
  • Project approach in educational process;
  • Gamification in education;
  • Team-building for learning environment;
  • Media technologies and mobile devices in educational process.

The purpose of training programme is to study of best practices and to use of active learning methods in teaching.
Total hours – 150 (contact hours – 64).

The purposes of training are the following:

  • study of the best (world-leading) teaching experience;
  • familiarity with the latest achievements in science and technologies; introduction to the prospects of their development;
  • improving teachers’ professional skills using innovative technologies in teaching and learning.

Training directions:

  • Computer sciences;
  • Modeling of complex systems;
  • Applied and computational mathematics;
  • Research in technical industry, including power efficiency and renewable energy sources;
  • Nano- and electronic physics;
  • Energy efficient technology;
  • Manufacturing engineering, machines and tools;
  • Processes and equipment of chemical and petroleum-refineries;
  • Technology of constructional materials;
  • General chemistry;
  • Environmental economics;
  • Marketing;
  • Management;
  • Economic theory;
  • Finance;
  • Gender aspects;
  • Theory and practice of translation;
  • Political science, sociology and psychology;
  • Medicine etc.

Terms of training:

  • 2 weeks (60 hours)
  • 1 month (150 hours)
  • 6 months (210 hours)

Contact Information:

Sumy State University
Faculty for Teachers Training
2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st.,
Main Building, Room 903
40007 Sumy, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (0542) 68-77-17; +38 (0542) 68-77-18
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